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a. Foreword

Navyabharathi Global School is a new generation International School initiated by a group of young energetic technocrats, NRIs and is dedicated to ensuring that its students fulfill their potential.

Academic excellence, to the best of each child’s ability, is our priority. However, academic attainment alone only unlocks the gate of the garden of future success. How far one flourish within it depends on a wide range of personal talents and skills. In the competitive world, there is a constant demand for excellence. This has to be achieved in several ways.

Extra-curricular activities such as sports, music, drama and other socio-cultural events develop team-play, networking, communication skills and the ability to lead, which are essential qualities for life in the twenty first century.

Self-esteem is a main quality of successful people. The School’s outstanding pastoral system nurtures this at every stage. Our mature, self-disciplined and pleasantly confident students testify to the strength of that system. More importantly still for the future, Schools have to prepare children for a life of very rapid change. Qualities of flexibility and adaptability need to be cultivated in everyone if they are to cope with the demanding times in which welive.

At Navyabharathi Global School, education is about inculcating values. They allow students to respect their traditions and, at the same time, look beyond their surroundings. The diversity of our community, its International nature and its tolerance

provide a breadth of outlook which creates life-long curiosity and which ensures that education is self-perpetuating.

c. Chairman’s Speech

Navyabharathi Global School aims to provide a quality education that is relevant to children’s lives today but will also prepare them for the future in an ever-changing world. We set high standards across all the aspects of School life and have high expectations of all our children. As an International School, we encourage our children to take an interest in all the communities and cultures whilst actively promoting each child’s independence, self-respect and self-motivation.

While our School adheres to a firm academic framework, no effort is spared to instill in the child a solid foundation of inner resources and to develop in each pupil a wide range of interests such that, irrespective of their academic achievement, each and every child may take his her rightful place in today’s society.

Our School has friendly and homely environment and it will be easy to your son or daughter to make friendship with their peers and their teachers.

I am sure that you will be happy with your child’s education in our School. Looking forward meeting you,

K Santhosh Kumar


d. Director’s Speech

It is a privilege to introduce Navyabharathi Global School to you. Navyabharathi group has a very good success history and an outstanding performance In its line. We believe that students’ success is based on the values of hard work, a passion for learning, courtesy and a smart appearance. We consciously foster a highly aspirational ethos for all of our students in a safe and friendly environment. All of our young people are encouraged to take the opportunities provided for both formal learning as well as for personal enrichment through involvement in the range of activities that the school organises. You can be certain that students here will receive the education and personal development vital to enable them to become citizens of the twenty first century.

At Navyabharathi Global School we see the purpose of schooling to be more than simply teaching the subject curriculum. We wish to develop our students and prepare them for an ever-changing world.

We therefore aim:

To develop in students a love for learning through developing their natural curiosity
To develop critical thinkers who are open-minded and caring
To develop independent learners who have a global perspective
To develop in students a sense of their own value and potential and the value and potential of others
To develop skills of cooperation and to be active team players
To enhance students’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural development
I am confident that you will recognise the school’s commitment to making your child’s education of paramount importance.

K Shirish Kumar

e. Governing Body


K Santhosh Kumar (M.Tech., MBA)

Co-Chairman &Treasurer:

K Rajeshwara Rao (Rtd. Technical Officer ECIL)


Ch. Raghuveer Reddy (M.Tech. Seimens Inc. USA)


Dr. Akhilesh Vanam (D.Ortho., DNB. Orthopedic Surgeon, Nizamabad. )


K Shirish Kumar (M.Tech., DIPM, (PhD))


Ch. Harikishan Rao (M.Sc., B.Ed. USA)


Dr. S Sreelatha (MBBS. MD (Radiology), Asst. Professor, HIHT-Dehradun, Pastoral)

M Sridevi (M.Sc. (Maths), MA)

f. Advisory Board

Dr. KVGK Gokhale

Former Head, Professor

Dept of Civil Engg.


N. Sambasiva Rao, IPS

M.Tech., IIT Kanpur,

Inspector General of Police,

Dr. M. Anjireddy

M.Tech., IIT-Kanpur, PhD

Director, IST


Dr. K Savitha Rani (Medical Advisor)



Ch. Prasad


Managing Director

Green Eminent Consulting Services, Hyd.

Ex. Officio

Secretary, Governing Body

g. Academic Mission & Aims

Navyabharathi Global School believes that every student should be given access to a curriculum which will provide a broad understanding of the nature of the world and life. It should also provide the foundations for more specialized work in higher education.

Our academic curriculum develops skills in English and Mathematics, or Literacy and Numeracy as current educational jargon has it, the fundamental tools of communication in all aspects of academic and social life. An awareness of the benefits (and limitations) of Information Technology is essential for everyone, as also the capacity to use it effectively. A good level of scientific and environmental understanding is provided to all our students. This will stand in a good stead in their future endeavors.

We believe that all children should be given the opportunity to learn by their own. Aesthetic and cultural awareness will allow young people to develop their own comprehension of the human condition and enable them to become thoughtful and conscientious individuals.