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The Primary School

‘Students enjoy studying in this School because the teachers are nice and really helpful and there are many facilities that students can use. It’s a really big School with many children from different backgrounds and one can learn a lot from others.’

Primary Education at Navyabharathi Global School is conducted from Kindergarten to Year Six. Organised in harmony with the Secondary School, it is dedicated in ensuring its students fulfil their potential. It is our belief that this can only be achieved in an environment where children learn to work and play together, participating in the achievement of individual and common goals.

When children are confident and enthusiastic in their learning, they fulfil their potential. At Navyabharathi Global School, we aim to create an environment where self-motivation and self-discipline flourish and where endeavour, as well as achievement, is valued. The academic and social education of the students are dependent upon each other.

The Primary School, therefore, aims to harness a young child’s natural curiosity with the inculcation of the discipline which academic work requires. Happy children learn and achieve. From the moment a child arrives, it is our priority to ensure that he is at ease with our daily routines and is enthusiastic about coming to School.