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General Info

a. Summer School

This is a four to five week course of activities run annually in summer vacations. The summer Programmememmes includes advanced mathematics, problem-solving techniques, Personality Development, Advanced English Language, apart from this there are classes on swimming, and other indoor and outdoor sports. Total Programmememe is designed on the basis of age groups.

In summer the students are allowed to access the School facilities like library, audio-visual cell, digital library and indoor stadium.

b. Code of Conduct

Navyabharathi being an international School follows its own rules and regulations approved by the senior educationalists, children specialists and expert committees.

c. Admission Procedure

Admission at every level of the School is dependent upon some form of testing or assessment and interview. The precise nature of the testing or assessment and interview depends on the age of the child applying. Most of the testing we do is diagnostic rather than selective.

If you wish to make an application to Navyabharathi Global School, please contact the Registrar. You will be asked to attend the School for an interview and testing. You will be allowed a tour of the facilities and the Boarding House.

All the people who are willing to join Navyabharathi are expected to be aware of opening and closing dates of admissions and also the instruction of admission qualifications. And also they are expected to be well in advance for the academic year, most of the times admissions are closed well before the commencement of the academic year.

For further information contact :

The Admissions Office

Navyabharathi Global School

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Andhra Pradesh, India.

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